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SfV serves as the lead service provider for the Freedom’s Path projects and augments the comprehensive array of medical and psychiatric services for Veterans provided by the VA Medical Centers where the Freedom’s Path projects are located.

SfV’s programming centers around the three stages of progress in supporting homeless Veterans’ move from homelessness to independent, self-determined, and enriched lives. 


Stabilization seeks to rapidly house homeless individuals, providing intake, move-in assistance, assessment, referral and life skills.  SfV provides move-in essentials consisting of furniture, linens, personal hygiene and kitchenware kits.  This is followed by immediate assessment to determine needs and referrals for health, counseling services and benefits access. Once housed and connected with case management, new Veteran residents are offered participation in a series of Life Skills workshops geared toward easing and supporting the transition from homelessness to stable housing.  These workshops cover topics that include responsibility for and habits of basic housekeeping, cooking, use of appliances, paying rent and receiving mail.

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Reconnecting seeks to support homeless Veterans in re-establishing family relationships and social functioning.  It focuses on providing access to financial management and legal services; addressing addictive disorders and psycho-social limitations; and providing opportunities for social engagement.  SfV refers Veterans to appropriate services, organizes onsite group meetings and holds community social activities designed to encourage interaction and limit isolation.


Once stabilized and reconnected, residents are often able to take the next step toward enriching their lives through employment, education or volunteerism.  SfV staff work with residents to determine their interests and desires and connects them with employment and educational programs with established Veterans programs in the local community.  For others who are unable or beyond pursuing new employment and educational opportunities, SfV provides opportunities for volunteer engagement where residents can find purpose, meaning and fulfillment.

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